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  1. Edward Rudd

Here is my initial stab at adding in GLES support to glLoadGen. I added two new spec otion values.. gles1 and gles2. The reason is the way the spec is defined it isn't "core" and "compatible".. GLES 1.x is fixed-function ONLY, GLES 2.x+ is shader ONLY. the spec files were generated via your XMLSpecs repository with very minimal changes. (I'll push up a PR for that next)

there are a few other items that got snuck in here as spearate commits.. I can put those as separate PRS if you wish.

First is the is the addition of the SDL Function loader. This is also used in the GLES1/2 loaders right now.. I'll adjust that in a bit once I finish testing on iOS and Android. Second is the tweak to support Lua 5.3

  • Add in SDL2 GetProcAddress support to the GL loader.
  • add in generated GLES spec files for ES 1.x, 2.x and 3.x
  • Adjust core lua scripts to support generating GLES 1.x adn GLES 2.x+ loaders
  • update hgignore and tweak GenTests/MakeAllExts for GLES
  • add in Lua 5.3 support unpack is fully moved to table.unpack so create a wrapper in util

Comments (2)

  1. Erik Podetti

    I'm really interested in generating Open GL ES 3.2 headers in cpp style (with namespace and so) because I'm using glLoadGen in a multi platform project. Can you give me an example on how to generate them with your branch?