glLoadGen / data / style_commontypedefs.lua

-- Returns an array of strings, for proper indenting and such.

return {
	"typedef unsigned int GLenum;\n",
	"typedef unsigned char GLboolean;\n",
	"typedef unsigned int GLbitfield;\n",
	"typedef signed char GLbyte;\n",
	"typedef short GLshort;\n",
	"typedef int GLint;\n",
	"typedef int GLsizei;\n",
	"typedef unsigned char GLubyte;\n",
	"typedef unsigned short GLushort;\n",
	"typedef unsigned int GLuint;\n",
	"typedef float GLfloat;\n",
	"typedef float GLclampf;\n",
	"typedef double GLdouble;\n",
	"typedef double GLclampd;\n",
	"#define GLvoid void\n",
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