glLoadGen / docs / Style_Function_CPP.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<?oxygen RNGSchema="" type="xml"?>
<?oxygen SCHSchema=""?>
<article xmlns="" xmlns:xi=""
    xmlns:xlink="" version="5.0">
    <title>Style Function C++</title>
    <para>The <literal>func_cpp</literal> style is functionally equivalent to <link
            xlink:href="Style_Pointer_CPP"><literal>pointer_cpp</literal></link> in every way except
        for one. Instead of using function pointers directly, it uses inline functions in the
        headers. These forward the calls to the function pointers.</para>
    <para>The <emphasis>only</emphasis> reason to use this style over <literal>pointer_cpp</literal>
        is that it makes it easier for IDEs and other autocompletion tools to recognize a function
        call. Many such tools can handle function pointers, but if yours cannot, you can use this to
        give it the help it needs.</para>
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