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glLoadGen / Common_Extension_Files

Extension files are a good mechanism for collating useful sets of extensions for easy referencing. The LoadGen system comes with a small library of pre-built extension files which you may find useful.

To include these names from the command-line, you should use the -stdext option, instead of -extfile. The difference is where they search; extfile is always relative to the directory you're currently in, while stdext will search the extfiles/ directory of where LoadGen is stored.

To include these names from an extension file, you should use #include <> instead of #include "", for the same reasons as above.

All of these extension files are located in the directory extfiles of LoadGen's directory. However, you don't need to prefix the name with extfiles/ Therefore, any inclusion of them should be as this: -stdext=extfiles/<include filename> or #include <extfiles/<include filename>>.

Here is a list of the files and what they include:


For the kinds of extensions that should be core OpenGL, but aren't for IP reasons. Namely, anisotropic filtering, and the extensions needed for S3TC.


Core extensions that are widely available on OpenGL 3.3, but aren't part of GL 3.3 itself. These are for post-3.3 API improvements, like internalformat_query, shading_language_420pack, separate_shader_objects, and so forth.


Vendor-specific extensions that are implemented by multiple vendors for 3.x-class hardware. Things like NV_texture_barrier.


AMD's HD-2xxx, 3xxx, and 4xxx line of hardware all support GL 3.3. However, they also support some features of 4.x-class hardware via non-core extensions. This file includes those extensions (transform_feedback2/3, draw_buffers_blend, etc).


All of the extensions allowed by core 3.2 profiles in MacOSX, as of version MacOSX 10.8.


Commonly useful non-vendor-specific WGL extensions. The basic stuff: getting extensions_string, create_context, swap_control, various pixel-format extensions, etc.


Useful AMD vendor WGL extensions.


Useful NVIDIA vendor WGL extensions.


Commonly useful non-vendor-specific GLX extensions. The basic stuff: fbconfig_float, framebuffer_sRGB, multisample, etc.