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-= Welcome =
+= OpenGL Loader Generator =
-Welcome to your wiki! This is the default page we've installed for your convenience. Go ahead and edit it.
+This loader generation system is used to create OpenGL headers and loading code for your specific needs. Rather than getting every extension and core enumerator/function all in one massive header, you get only what you actually want and ask for.
-== Wiki features ==
+This is still very experimental; little testing has been done on it yet. [[|Download it here;]] you will need to have the Lua runtime installed on your machine to use the code generation scripts. It's pretty tiny, so it shouldn't be a problem. Windows users can install [[|Lua For Windows]], or just [[|the Lua binaries packages]]. The code should be compatible with Lua 5.1 and 5.2, but it has only been tested on 5.1.
-This wiki uses the [[|Creole]] syntax, and is fully compatible with the 1.0 specification.
-The wiki itself is actually a mercurial repository, which means you can clone it, edit it locally/offline, add images or any other file type, and push it back to us. It will be live immediately.
-Go ahead and try:
+To use the code generator, with Lua in your path (assuming that {{{lua}}} is the name of your Lua executable), type this:
-$ hg clone
+lua LoadGen.lua -style=pointer_c -spec=gl -version=3.3 -profile=core core_3_3
-Wiki pages are normal files, with the .wiki extension. You can edit them locally, as well as creating new ones.
+This tells the system to generate a header/source pair for OpenGL ({{{-spec=gl}}}, as opposed to WGL or GLX), for version 3.3, the core profile. It will generate it in the {{{pointer_c}}} style, which specifies the way it provides the {{{#defines}}} and function pointers. See below for details.
-== Syntax highlighting ==
+The option {{{core_3_3}}} is the basic component of the filename that will be used for the generation. Since it is generating OpenGL loaders (again, as opposed to WGL or GLX), it will generate files named {{{gl_core_3_3.*}}}, where * is the extension used by the particular style. {{{pointer_c}}}, as the name suggests, generates function pointer-style loaders with C linkage and source code. Such code is usable from C and C++.
-You can also highlight snippets of text, we use the excellent [[|Pygments]] library.
+The above command line will generate {{{gl_core_3_3.h}}} and {{{gl_core_3_3.c}}} files. Simply include them in your project; there is no library to build, no unresolved extenals to filter through. They just work.
-Here's an example of some Python code:
-def wiki_rocks(text):
-    formatter = lambda t: "funky"+t
-    return formatter(text)
-You can check out the source of this page to see how that's done, and make sure to bookmark [[|the vast library of Pygment lexers]], we accept the 'short name' or the 'mimetype' of anything in there.
-Have fun!
+Well, that's the plan ;)