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Things that need to be styled:

Top-level constructs:
    body: Everything The main book
    div.preface: The preface of the set of tutorials.
    div.part: Contains all of the chapters and stuff in a part.
        div.partintro: Contains intro material and a table of contents.
    div.article: An article. Not a tutorial
    div.chapter: A chapter of the book. In our case, a tutorial.
    div.titlepage: Contains the title, author, etc of the book/part/chapter/etc.
    div.toc: The table of contents.
        dl: Definition list
        dd: ??
        dt: ??
        dt/span.section: The title of a section.
        dt/span.part: The title of a part.
        dt/span.chapter: The title of a chapter.
        dt/span.glossary: The title of a glossary.
        h3.title: The note's name
    code.function: Used for functions names.
    code.varname: Used for variable names.
    code.filename: Used for filenames.
    code.literal: Used for various kinds of literals in code.
    code.classname: Used for classes.
    span.type: Used for the types of things.
    span.mathphrase: Used for math phrases.
    span.propername: Used for the names of the various tutorials.
    div.example: Stores the entire example.
        p.title: The title of the example.
    div.example-contents: Stores everything but the title of the example.
    div.tip: A longer notation.
    div.sidebar: A longer notation.
        p.title: The sidebar's title.
Syntax highlighting (all in spans)
    code-type: Types that hold values (ints, vec3, etc)
    code-modifier: Type modifiers (uniform, layout, etc)
    code-sampler: Sampler types
    code-keyword: Keywords that don't fit into the above.
    code-function: A function from the standard library.
    code-number: Numbers.
    code-comment: Comments.
    code-directive: Directives.
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