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No need to list functions twice

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Documents/Basics/Tutorial 02.xml

                     <paramdef>vec <parameter>final</parameter></paramdef>
                     <paramdef>float <parameter>alpha</parameter></paramdef>
-                <funcprototype>
-                    <funcdef>vec <function>mix</function></funcdef>
-                    <paramdef>vec <parameter>initial</parameter></paramdef>
-                    <paramdef>vec <parameter>final</parameter></paramdef>
-                    <paramdef>vec <parameter>alpha</parameter></paramdef>
-                </funcprototype>
             <para>Performs a linear interpolation between <parameter>initial</parameter>,
                     <parameter>final</parameter>, based on <parameter>alpha</parameter>. An

Documents/Positioning/Tutorial 03.xml

                     <paramdef>vec <parameter>numerator</parameter></paramdef>
                     <paramdef>float <parameter>denominator</parameter></paramdef>
-                <funcprototype>
-                    <funcdef>vec <function>mod</function></funcdef>
-                    <paramdef>vec <parameter>numerator</parameter></paramdef>
-                    <paramdef>vec <parameter>denominator</parameter></paramdef>
-                </funcprototype>
             <para>The <function>mod</function> function takes the modulus of the
                     <parameter>numerator</parameter> by the <parameter>denominator</parameter>. The
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