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     <para>It is always best to start simply. And since lighting is a big topic, we will begin with
         the simplest possible scenario.</para>
+        <?dbhtml filename="Tut08 Modelling Lights.html" ?>
         <title>Modelling Lights</title>
         <para>Lighting is complicated. Very complicated. The interaction between a surface and a
             light is mostly well understood in terms of the physics. But actually doing the
+        <?dbhtml filename="Tut08 Normal Transformation.html" ?>
         <title>Normal Transformation</title>
         <para>In the last section, we saw that our computation of the cosine of the angle of
             incidence has certain requirements. Namely, that the two vectors involved, the surface
             transforming it with the model-to-camera matrix.</para>
+        <?dbhtml filename="Tut08 Global Illumination.html" ?>
         <title>Global Illumination</title>
         <para>You may notice something very unrealistic about the results of this tutorial. For
             example, take this image:</para>
+        <?dbhtml filename="Tut08 Intensity of Light.html" ?>
         <title>Intensity of Light</title>
         <para>There are many, many things wrong with the primitive lighting model introduced here.
             But one of the most important is the treatment of the lighting intensity.</para>
             change; what changes are the numbers fed into them.</para>
+        <?dbhtml filename="Tut08 In Review.html" ?>
         <title>In Review</title>
         <para>In this tutorial, you have learned the following:</para>
+        <?dbhtml filename="Tut08 Glossary.html" ?>