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--- Generate the ancillary README and index.html files.
+-- Generate the ancillary files
+local readme = io.open(destDir .. "readme.txt", "wt");
+OpenGL Tutorials, version %s
+This is a series of tutorials on using OpenGL to do graphical rendering.
+The code for each tutorial is found in the "Tut *" directories. The code
+alone is not enough information to understand what is going on. The actual
+documentation is available in several forms.
+The HTML form of the documentation can be found by openning the "index.html"
+file. There are 3 PDF forms of the documentation. TutorialsComp.pdf is a PDF
+that uses very thin margins; it is useful for display on computers (or
+tablets). TutorialsPrint.pdf is a PDF designed for printing.
+TutorialsKindle.pdf is a PDF that is sized specifically for the screen of the
+Kindle 2.
+The source of the documentation is found in the Documents directory. This
+source documentation is in the DocBook 5 format. All other formats were
+generated automatically from these source files.
+]===], versionNum))
+local version = io.open(destDir .. "version.txt", "wt");
+OpenGL Tutorials.
+Version %s
+, versionNum))
+local index_html = io.open(destDir .. "index.html", "wt");
+<h1>OpenGL Tutorials</h1>
+<p><a href="html/index.html">HTML Tutorials</a></p>