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File Documents/Illumination/Tutorial 09.xml

         point, light position, and surface normal must all be in the same space for this equation to
         make sense.</para>
+        <?dbhtml filename="Tut09 Vertex Point Lighting.html" ?>
         <title>Vertex Point Lighting</title>
         <para>Thus far, we have computed the lighting equation at each vertex and interpolated the
             results across the surface of the triangle. We will continue to do so for point lights.
                 <function>normalize</function> call is just to convert it into a unit vector.</para>
+        <?dbhtml filename="Tut09 Interpolation.html" ?>
         <para>As you can see, doing point lighting is quite simple. Unfortunately, the visual
             results are not.</para>
+        <?dbhtml filename="Tut09 Fragment Lighting.html" ?>
         <title>Fragment Lighting</title>
         <para>So, in order to deal with interpolation artifacts, we need to interpolate the actual
             light direction and normal, instead of just the results of the lighting equation. This
+        <?dbhtml filename="Tut09 Distant Points of Light.html" ?>
         <title>Distant Points of Light</title>
         <para>There is another issue with our current example. Use the <keycap>i</keycap> key to
             raise the light up really high. Notice how bright all of the upwardly-facing surfaces

File Documents/Tutorials.xml

                 light/surface models and explain how to implement them.</para>
         <xi:include href="Illumination/tutorial 08.xml"/>
+        <xi:include href="Illumination/tutorial 09.xml"/>
         <?dbhtml filename="Texturing.html" dir="Texturing" ?>