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 <?oxygen SCHSchema=""?>
 <book xmlns="" xmlns:xi="" version="5.0">
-        <title>Learning Modern 3D Graphics Programming Through OpenGL</title>
+        <title>Learning Modern 3D Graphics Programming</title>
+        <copyright>
+            <year>2011</year>
+            <holder>Jason L. McKesson</holder>
+        </copyright>
+        <author>
+            <personname><firstname>Jason</firstname><othername
+                role="middle">L.</othername><surname>McKesson</surname></personname>
+        </author>
     <xi:include href="preface.xml"/>
     <xi:include href="Building the Tutorials.xml"/>
                 from Phong lighting to reflections to HDR and blooming.</para>
-    <xi:include href="Optimization.xml"/>
+    <!--<xi:include href="Optimization.xml"/>-->
     <xi:include href="History of Graphics Hardware.xml"/>