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Removed a bad SVG image, that was breaking PDFs.

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File BuildDistro.lua

-Must manually generate the following first:
-* Documents/web, generated with Oxygen template
-May also generate the following:
-* Documents/tutorials.pdf, generated with Oxygen template
-* Documents/kindleTutorials.pdf, generated with Oxygen template
+Will automatically generate all files from the current sources.
+Takes three parameters:
+- The destination directory, as a relative directory. Will create it if it does not exist.
+- The Mercurial revision number to archive to the destination directory.
+- The version number of the tutorials.
 require "lfs"
 --local test = {...}
 --print(#test, ...)
-assert(#({...}) == 3, "Not enough commandline parameters.");
+assert(#({...}) == 3, "Not enough commandline parameters. You provided: " .. #({...}));

File Documents/Positioning/Tutorial 07.xml

                 object, but to one of these uniform buffer binding points. This reference is just a
                 numerical index: 0, 1, 2, etc.</para>
             <para>A diagram should make it clearer:</para>
+			<!--
                 <title>Uniform Buffer and Block Binding Points</title>
+			-->
             <para>The program object is given an index that represents one of the slots in the
                 context. The uniform buffer is bound to one of those slots. Therefore, when you
                 render with that program, the uniform buffer that is in the slot specified by the

File Documents/preface.xml

             don't know why it works. And if they should copy it incorrectly or use it in the
             wrong circumstances, they do not have the foundation of knowledge to diagnose the
             problem and find a solution.</para>
-        <para>Without a real foundation of knowledge, such persons will quickly find using the
+        <para>Without a real body of knowledge, such persons will quickly find using the
             programmable functionality in OpenGL to be confusing and disorienting. Stripped of all
             of the convenience functionality, such persons are left to their own devices. This is
             doubly so, considering that while there are a lot of OpenGL tutorials and books, very