gltut / Tut 12 Dynamic Range / Lights.h

Diff from to

Tut 12 Dynamic Range/Lights.h

 	PerLight lights[NUMBER_OF_LIGHTS];
+struct LightBlockGamma
+	glm::vec4 ambientIntensity;
+	float lightAttenuation;
+	float maxIntensity;
+	float gamma;
+	float padding;
+	PerLight lights[NUMBER_OF_LIGHTS];
 struct SunlightValue
 	float normTime;
 	LightBlock GetLightInformation(const glm::mat4 &worldToCameraMat) const;
 	LightBlockHDR GetLightInformationHDR(const glm::mat4 &worldToCameraMat) const;
+	LightBlockGamma GetLightInformationGamma(const glm::mat4 &worldToCameraMat) const;
 	glm::vec4 GetBackgroundColor() const;
 	float GetMaxIntensity() const;
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