"Cannot find -lframeworkD"

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peter_yu created an issue

I'm using codeblocks. As far as I can tell, the steps for building the tutorials is;

1) premake4 the glsdk folder 2)go to tutorial folder of choice and premake4 that folder 3) Open project file for the tutorial

When I do this and build the project, I get the aforementioned error.

Please let me know what steps I am missing.

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  1. Aleksejus Gambrauskas

    i have the same exact issue, looking into it atm, hopefully i'll find the answer somewhere in the interwebs

  2. Aleksejus Gambrauskas

    well that didn't take too much time, here's what you have to do:

    1) Download the Tutorial folder ( i downloaded v0.3.8 );

    2) Download premake4 and put it in your system path;

    3) Open command line and navigate to your Tutorial folder, for Windows 7 this would be:

    a) click "Start+R",

    b) type in "cmd" and click "Ok", (now you should have a command box opened)

    c) type in "CHDIR [input directory here, example: C:\Tutorial 0.3.8",

    4) At this point in your comman line type in "premake4 codeblocks"

    5) Now manually go to your glsdk folder and open the newly created workspace,

    6) in this workspace build all (i think 6) project, but only build not run,

    7) now navigate to your framework folder and build the framework project as well,

    8) Done!

  3. Oana

    Hello. I went over the mentioned steps until 4, where I receive the error "/glsdk/links.lua: No such file or directory" I don't have any glsdk folder. I saw in another issue I should not install it separately.

    Can you please help me?

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