expected ')' before barriers - building glsdk with tutorials 0.3.7 & 0.3.8

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Hello, first off thanks for all these tutorials.

I've tried building the GLSDK that comes with the tutorial (tried 0.3.7 and 0.3.8) using both codeblocks 13.12 and GNU 4.8.1 and I get the exact same error.

It looks like this: " ..\glload\include\glload_int_gl_exts.hpp|6913|error: expected ')' before 'barriers'| " from the codeblocks console, and like this in gcc: " ../glload/include/glload/_int_gl_exts.hpp:6913:39: error: expected ')' before 'b arriers' inline void MemoryBarrier(GLbitfield barriers) { ::__gleMemoryBarrier(barriers ); } "

Is this an expected issue? I'm using Premake4 and I believe I had it installed correctly. It shows up in my terminal at any rate (and it successfully generated the Makefile and workspace file for Codeblocks).

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