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Marco Castorina created an issue

Dear Jason, I recently have been pointed to your tutorials by many different people but unfortunately the website is no longer available. I completely understand the hassle that is maintaining an active website, fending off spam, ddoses, etc. and I'd like to offer my help.

I have worked previously in web development and I currently slelf host most of the services I use (owncloud, mail and rss-reader), and I would be happy to host your tutorials as well. It remains the problem of the domain name, as it has been stolen already; if you have an alternative in mind already, I can start by locking down the domain name.

Just to be clear: I'm happy to provide and pay for the hosting and domain registration, no strings attached. You remain the sole owner of all the documents and code and all the content will be presented as is with no changes (no additional ads, self-promoting links and the likes).

Why am I doing this? Professionals and hobbyists who share their work in game development are an invaluable asset to the community and it's a shame to see websites like yours no longer available. Unfortunately I don't have enough experience yet to actively contribute to code and documents, but I would be happy to do my share by hosting the website.

I'm happy to discuss this further in private; just to ensure you I'm not a marketing guy or some anonymous troll, you can see my profile on twitter @marco_castorina.



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