Add Linux Tutorial support (It's pretty much done)

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I just discovered your tutorials, and was able to drop in glload in place of glloader and get the tutorials working pretty painlessly on Ubuntu, so just in case you don't know that, I thought I'd tell you my process (clearly you're working on this yourself, so if you're already on top of this, please forgive this slight inconvenience). Here's a brief rundown of what I did:

{{{ s/glloader/glload/ s/std::exception("/std::runtime_error("/ s/wgl_exts.h/glx_exts.h/
s@glload/gle@glload/gll@ s/gleLoadFunctions/glload::LoadFunctions/ s@data\@../data/@

added #include <stdexcept> to Mesh.cpp

removed the FREEGLUT_STATIC and WIN32 defines from framework.lua

removed the links to the in-folder deps in framework.lua, used instead links to libs obtained from apt: links {"tinyxml","glut","freeimage"}


After that, all that's required is the addition of the occasional <cstdio> and <cstring> in the tutorial files themselves, depending on if you're using printf or memcpy or such.

Obviously some small amount of work will have to be done to handle both OS cases, but hopefully this is of use.

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  1. Jason McKesson repo owner

    Finished, more or less. My Linux ATI driver seg-faulted on the Tut12 and 13 shaders, for some reason, but the others seemed to work OK. The Linux build steps are documented as well.


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