Debug the tutorial's vertex/fragment shaders

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I would love to see an appendix with a walkthrough on how to debug one of the tutorial's vertex/fragment shaders using a tool such as glslDevil or gDEBugger.

It would be enormously useful to be able to see the exact effect the perspective and model2camera transformations have on the matrices in a debugger and to also visualize fragment shader operations.

I've tried myself without success to debug several different Tutorial executables using both tools, I'm perhaps making a few assumptions that aren't true such as that they fully support the opengl 3.3 core profile and are aware of freeglut etc.


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  1. Jason McKesson repo owner

    I should do an appendix on debugging OpenGL, particularly shaders. But I'm not sure how good gDEBugger is with core OpenGL 3.3 and above, so I'm not sure about using it.

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