MousePole set default camera matrix, should havn't

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When I debug my program I found I cannot get the correct default camera, then I found MousePole set its default one which is conflict with my own camera matrix.

I think this should not happen, the Mouse function should not influence the default camera matrix from user.

{{{ #!C++

MousePole::MousePole(const glm::vec3 &target, const RadiusDef &radiusDef, ActionButtons eButton) : m_lookAt(target) , m_radCurrXZAngle(0.0) , m_radCurrYAngle(/-PI_2 / 2.0f/0.0f) //modified here, cause confusing , m_radCurrSpin(0.0f) , m_fRadius(20.0f) , m_radius(radiusDef) , m_glutActionButton(0) , m_bIsDragging(false)

}}} cheers, Jianming

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  1. Jason McKesson repo owner

    The MousePole does not do anything without your explicit request. If it's overriding your camera matrix, it is only because you are asking for the MousePole's camera matrix and shoving it into your matrix stack.

    This is what my tutorials do, because that's what the MousePole is for: allowing the user to move the camera. If you are editing with my tutorial code and you don't want to use the MousePole to control the camera, you should remove all references to the MousePole from that file.

    In short, you have to pick one: either the MousePole controls the camera or it doesn't. If you don't want it to, just remove the MousePole instance and all references to it.

    I'm marking this "will not fix", because it's not a bug in the tutorials. It's a bug in your modification of my tutorials. If this is not the case, please add a comment further explaining in further detail what it is you are trying to do.

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