GL/glx.h is missing . . .

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Hi Jason,

The tutorials look excellent. Thanks for creating them.

I'm working on Ubuntu 12.04, and am following the instructions in the Building the Tutorials section.

This appearantly worked: in glsdk premake4 gmake

The errors I'm getting are when attempting to build in the glsdk directory:

make config=debug all

==== Building glload (debug) ==== gll_gl_ext.c source/gll_gl_ext.c:251:26: fatal error: GL/glx.h: No such file or directory compilation terminated. make[1]: *** [Debug/gll_gl_ext.o] Error 1

regards, -jg-

John Gibson Toronto

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  1. Jason McKesson repo owner
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    I'm not sure how to go about fixing this. You may need to install something Linux related. GL/glX.h should be a system header so it ought to be part of your system.

    Have you updated your graphics drivers?

  2. Jason McKesson repo owner

    I've (re)discovered that, on a fresh Linux install from popular distros like Ubuntu/Mint/etc, you need to install a bunch of package in order to build any OpenGL application. To build the SDK as part of the tutorial, you need:

    • X11's dev package
    • Mesa's dev package, for both GL and GLU
    • XInput's dev package
    • XRandr and Randr's dev package

    You can find these in the Synaptic Package Manager. I may have missed some; I wasn't taking notes as I tried lots of different packages before I could build.

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