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Needed a quick help with the following which I haven't been able to resolve by googling information on it or by "eavesdropping" on fori like this one:

I downloaded the latest Premake executable available (4.3) on my Mac OS X system. I placed the executable file in the first tutorial folder of Jason's openGL book (Hello triangle), where the corresponding .lua file is. So I type "premake4 xcode4" in the command line using the systems Terminal, and the command is not found. I copy what the terminal screen replies: -bash: premake4: command not found

Can anyone shed light here? Many thanks

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  1. Jason McKesson repo owner

    This isn't a forum; this is where you file bugs in the tutorial.

    First, the tutorials don't work on MacOSX; they require OpenGL 3.3, and MacOSX only supports 3.2.

    Second, you're supposed to put the Premake4 executable in wherever it is you put command line utilities, or otherwise alter your system path to be able to find it. I don't know much about MacOSX command lines, so I can't really help.

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