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Tut 01 Hello Triangle
Tut 02 Playing with Colors
Tut 03 OpenGLs Moving Triangle
Tut 04 Objects at Rest
Tut 05 Objects in Depth
Tut 06 Objects in Motion
Tut 07 World in Motion
Tut 08 Getting Oriented
Tut 09 Lights on
Tut 10 Plane Lights
Tut 11 Shinies
Tut 12 Dynamic Range
Tut 13 Impostors
Tut 14 Textures Are Not Pictures
Tut 15 Many Images
Tut 16 Gamma and Textures
Tut 17 Spotlight on Textures
Tut 18 Bumpy Textures
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License adjustment.
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Added tag 0.3.8 for changeset 695bc58cfbd0
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Build: Distro now downloads externals.
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License adjustment.
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Small fix for building website.
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Tut17: Double Projection finished.
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Updated copyright notice.
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Issue #43: Updated copyright info.
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Copyright text and distro build fix.
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Upgraded to GLSDK 0.4.2, in order to get some minor fixes.
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Copyright text and distro build fix.
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Removal of TinyXML from build, license, and documentation.