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Last updated on November 28, 2006

General Questions
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(1)  Will "freeglut" ever support (fill in the blank)?

   If the GLUT library supports the feature, "freeglut" should support it.  If "freeglut" does not support it and there is a call for it, then we are certainly open to adding it.

   If the GLUT library does not support the feature, "freeglut" is probably not going to.  The "freeglut" library was designed to be a drop-in replacement for GLUT, a lightweight and simple windowing system for the OpenGL Red Book demonstration programs and no more.  If you want a more functional windowing system we suggest that you look elsewhere.

(#)  I have a question that is not answered here.  What do I do to get an answer?

   Check the "README" files that came with the distribution.  If the question is not addressed there, please post it on the "freeglut-developer" mailing list on the Source Forge web site.

*nix Questions
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(1)  How I can build "freeglut" with debugging symbols and traces?

   CFLAGS="-g $CFLAGS" LDFLAGS="-g $LDFLAGS" ./configure \

(2)  How can I have both a normal, and a debug-enabled version of "freeglut"?

   cd ..
   mkdir freeglut-normal
   cd freeglut-normal
   cd ..
   mkdir freeglut-debug
          ../freeglut-2.x/ configure --enable-debug [*]

   [*] optionally use --program-suffix=dbg to have them coexist when installing

(3)  My linking fails due to undefined symbols.  What libraries do I need to link?

   Look at the generated libfreeglut.la or use libtool --link (see the libtool manual).

Windows Questions
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(1)  My linking fails due to undefined symbols.  What libraries do I need to link?

  All the required libraries (and a couple of unnecessary ones) should be automatically included thanks to the "#pragma comment (lib" statements in "freeglut_std.h".  If your linking fails due to undefined symbols, there is an excellent chance that "freeglut" is not the culprit.

Other Operating System Questions
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