gltut / glm- / glm / glm.hpp

// OpenGL Mathematics Copyright (c) 2005 - 2010 G-Truc Creation (
// Created : 2005-01-14
// Updated : 2010-05-30
// Licence : This source is under MIT License
// File    : glm/glm.hpp

/*! \mainpage OpenGL Mathematics
 * OpenGL Mathematics (GLM) is a C++ mathematics library for 3D applications based on the OpenGL Shading Language (GLSL) specification. 
 * GLM provides 3D programmers with math classes and functions that are similar to GLSL or any high level GPU programming language. The idea is to have a library that has identical naming conventions and functionalities than GLSL so that when developers know GLSL, they know how to use GLM.
 * However, this project isn't limited by GLSL features. An extension system, based on the GLSL extension conventions, allows extended capabilities.
 * This library can be used with OpenGL but also for software rendering (Raytracing / Rasterisation), image processing and as much contexts as a simple math library could be used for.
 * GLM is written as a platform independent library and supports the following compilers: 
 * - GNU GCC 3.4 and higher 
 * - Microsoft Visual Studio 8.0 and higher
 * The source code is under the MIT licence.
 * Any feedback is welcome and can be sent to g.truc.creation[at]

#ifndef glm_glm
#define glm_glm

#ifdef max
#undef max

#ifdef min
#undef min

#define GLMvalType typename genType::value_type
#define GLMcolType typename genType::col_type
#define GLMrowType typename genType::row_type

#include <cmath>
#include <climits>
#include <cfloat>
#include <limits>
#include "./setup.hpp"

//! GLM namespace, it contains all GLSL based features.
namespace glm
	namespace test
		bool main_bug();
		bool main_core();
	}//namespace test

	//! GLM core. Namespace that includes all the feature define by GLSL 1.30.8 specification. This namespace is included in glm namespace.
	namespace core
		//! Scalar, vectors and matrices 
		//! from section 4.1.2 Booleans, 4.1.3 Integers section, 4.1.4 Floats section,
		//! 4.1.5 Vectors and section 4.1.6 Matrices of GLSL 1.30.8 specification. 
		//! This namespace resolves precision qualifier define in section 4.5 of GLSL 1.30.8 specification.
		namespace type{}

		//! Some of the functions defined in section 8 Built-in Functions of GLSL 1.30.8 specification.
		//! Angle and trigonometry, exponential, common, geometric, matrix and vector relational functions.
		namespace function{}
	//namespace core

	//! G-Truc Creation stable extensions.
	namespace gtc{}

	//! G-Truc Creation experimental extensions. 
	//! The interface could change between releases.
	namespace gtx{}

	//! IMG extensions.
	namespace img{}

	//! VIRTREV extensions.
	namespace img{}

} //namespace glm

#include "./core/_detail.hpp"
#include "./core/type.hpp"

#include "./core/func_trigonometric.hpp"
#include "./core/func_exponential.hpp"
#include "./core/func_common.hpp"
#include "./core/func_packing.hpp"
#include "./core/func_geometric.hpp"
#include "./core/func_matrix.hpp"
#include "./core/func_vector_relational.hpp"
#include "./core/func_integer.hpp"
#include "./core/func_noise.hpp"
#include "./core/_swizzle.hpp"

#	pragma message("GLM message: Core library included")

#	define GLM_DEPRECATED __declspec(deprecated)
#	define GLM_RESTRICT __restrict
#	define GLM_ALIGN(x) __declspec(align(x))
//#	define aligned(x) __declspec(align(x)) struct
#	define GLM_ALIGN(x)

// check type sizes



#endif //glm_glm
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