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I upload it, you download it. That's the ying-yang nature of the Buddha.

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<p><i>January the 16th, 2000</i>
<p>Here is a list of files you can download:

 <a href="freeglut-1.3-alpha-2000-01-04.tar.gz">
          freeglut-1.3-alpha-2000-01-04.tar.gz</a> (approx. 210kB)
 <a href="freeglut-1.3-alpha-2000-01-06.tar.gz">
          freeglut-1.3-alpha-2000-01-06.tar.gz</a> (approx. 220kB)
 <a href="freeglut-1.3-alpha-2000-01-09.tar.gz">
          freeglut-1.3-alpha-2000-01-09.tar.gz</a> (approx. 230kB)
 <a href="freeglut-1.3-alpha-2000-01-16.tar.gz">
          freeglut-1.3-alpha-2000-01-16.tar.gz</a> (approx. 230kB)

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