gltut / Documents / Tutorials.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<?oxygen RNGSchema="" type="xml"?>
<?oxygen SCHSchema=""?>
<book xmlns="" xmlns:xi="" version="5.0">
        <title>Learning Modern 3D Graphics Programming</title>
            <holder>Jason L. McKesson</holder>
    <xi:include href="preface.xml"/>
    <xi:include href="Building the Tutorials.xml"/>
    <xi:include href="Basics.xml"/>
    <xi:include href="Positioning.xml"/>
    <xi:include href="Illumination.xml"/>
    <xi:include href="Texturing.xml"/>
    <xi:include href="Framebuffer.xml"/>
    <xi:include href="Advanced Lighting.xml"/>
    <!--<xi:include href="Optimization.xml"/>-->
    <xi:include href="Further Study.xml"/>
    <xi:include href="History of Graphics Hardware.xml"/>
    <xi:include href="Getting Started.xml"/>
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