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    <title>Building the Tutorials</title>
    <para>To build these tutorials, you will need to download the <link
            xlink:href="">Premake 4</link> utility for your
        platform of choice. Currently, the tutorials only work on Windows. The tutorial distribution
        comes with the external dependencies that they need (FreeGLUT and FreeImage).</para>
    <para>Premake is a utility like <link xlink:href="">CMake</link>: it
        generates build files for a specific platform. Unlike CMake, Premake is strictly a
        command-line utility. Premake's build scripts are written in the <link
            xlink:href="">Lua language</link>, unlike CMake's build
        scripts that use their own language.</para>
    <para>Note that Premake only generates build files; once the build files are created, you can
        use them as normal. It can generate project files for Visual Studio, <link
            xlink:href="">Code::Blocks</link>, and XCode, as well as GNU
        Makefiles. And unless you want to modify one of the tutorials, you only need to run Premake
        once for each tutorial.</para>