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gltut / tinyxml / changes.txt

Changes in version 1.0.1:
- Fixed comment tags which were outputing as '<?--' instead of 
  the correct '<!--'.
- Implemented the Next and Prev methods of the TiXmlAttribute class.
- Renamed 'LastAttribtute' to 'LastAttribute'
- Fixed bad pointer to 'isspace' that could occur while parsing text.
- Errors finding beginning and end of tags no longer throw it into an
  infinite loop. (Hopefully.)

Changes in version 1.0.2
- Minor documentation fixes.

Changes in version 1.0.3
- After nodes are added to a document, they return a pointer
  to the new node instead of a bool for success.
- Elements can be constructed with a value, which is the
  element name. Every element must have a value or it will be
  invalid, but the code changes to enforce this are not fully
  in place.

Changes in version 1.1.0
- Added the	TiXmlAttributeSet class to pull the attributes into
  a seperate container.
- Moved the doubly liked list out of XmlBase. Now XmlBase only
  requires the Print() function and defines some utility functions.
- Moved errors into a seperate file. (With the idea of internationalization
  to the other latin-1 languages.)
- Added the "NodeType"
- Fixed white space parsing in text to conform with the standard. 
  Basically, all white space becomes just one space.
- Added the TiXmlDeclaration class to read xml declarations.

Changes in version 1.2.0
- Removed the factory. The factory was not really in the spirit 
  of small and simple, confused the code, and was of limited value.
- Added FirstChildElement and NextSiblingElement, because they
  are such common functions.
- Re-wrote the example to test and demonstrate more functionality.

Changes in version 1.2.1
- Fixed a bug where comments couldn't be inside elements.
- Loading now clears out existing XML rather than appending.
- Added the "Clear" method on a node to delete all its children.

Changes in version 1.2.2
- Fixed TiXmlAttribute::Previous actually returning "next." Thanks
  to Rickard Troedsson for the bug fix.

Changes in version 1.2.3
- Added the TIXML prefix to the error strings to resolve conflicts
  with #defines in OS headers. Thanks to Steve Lhomme.
- Fixed a delete buf that should be a delete [] buf. 
  Thanks to Ephi Sinowitz.

Changes in version 1.2.4
- ReplaceChild() was almost guarenteed to fail. Should be fixed,
  thanks to Joe Smith. Joe also pointed out that the Print() functions
  should take stream references: I agree, and would like to overload
  the Print() method to take either format, but I don't want to do 
  this in a dot release.
- Some compilers seem to need an extra <ctype.h> include. Thanks
  to Steve Lhomme for that.

Changes in version 2.0.0 BETA
- Made the ToXXX() casts safe if 'this' is null. 
  When "LoadFile" is called with a filename, the value will correctly get set.
  Thanks to Brian Yoder.
- Fixed bug where isalpha() and isalnum() would get called with a negative value for 
  high ascii numbers. Thanks to Alesky Aksenov.
- Fixed some errors codes that were not getting set.
- Made methods "const" that were not.
- Added a switch to enable or disable the ignoring of white space. ( TiXmlDocument::SetIgnoreWhiteSpace() )
- Greater standardization and code re-use in the parser.
- Added a stream out operator.
- Added a stream in operator.
- Entity support, of predefined entites. &#x entities are untouched by input or output.
- Improved text out formatting.
- Fixed ReplaceChild bug, thanks to Tao Chen.

Changes in version 2.0.1
- Fixed hanging on loading a 0 length file. Thanks to Jeff Scozzafava.
- Fixed crashing on InsertBeforeChild and InsertAfterChild. Also possibility of bad links being
  created by same function. Thanks to Frank De prins.
- Added missing licence text. Thanks to Lars Willemsens.
- Added <ctype.h> include, at the suggestion of Steve Walters.

Changes in version 2.1.0
- Yves Berquin brings us the STL switch. The forum on SourceForge, and various emails to
  me, have long debated all out STL vs. no STL at all. And now you can have it both ways.
  TinyXml will compile either way.

Changes in version 2.1.1
- Compilation warnings.

Changes in version 2.1.2
- Uneeded code is not compiled in the STL case.
- Changed headers so that STL can be turned on or off in tinyxml.h

Changes in version 2.1.3
- Fixed non-const reference in API; now uses a pointer.
- Copy constructor of TiXmlString not checking for assignment to self.
- Nimrod Cohen found a truly evil bug in the STL implementation that occurs
  when a string is converted to a c_str and then assigned to self. Search for
  STL_STRING_BUG for a full description. I'm asserting this is a Microsoft STL
  bug, since &string and string.c_str() should never be the same. Nevertheless,
  the code works around it.
- Urivan Saaib pointed out a compiler conflict, where the C headers define
  the isblank macro, which was wiping out the TiXmlString::isblank() method.
  The method was unused and has been removed.

Changes in version 2.1.4
- Reworked the entity code. Entities were not correctly surving round trip input and output.
  Will now automatically create entities for high ascii in output.

Changes in version 2.1.5
- Bug fix by kylotan : infinite loop on some input (tinyxmlparser.cpp rev 1.27)
- Contributed by Ivica Aracic (bytelord) : 1 new VC++ project to compile versions as static libraries (tinyxml_lib.dsp), 
  and an example usage in xmltest.dsp
  (Patch request ID 678605)
- A suggestion by Ronald Fenner Jr (dormlock) to add #include <istream> and <ostream> for Apple's Project Builder 
  (Patch request ID 697642)
- A patch from ohommes that allows to parse correctly dots in element names and attribute names
  (Patch request 602600 and kylotan 701728)
- A patch from  hermitgeek ( James ) and wasteland for improper error reporting
- Reviewed by Lee, with the following changes:
	- Got sick of fighting the STL/non-STL thing in the windows build. Broke
	  them out as seperate projects.
	- I have too long not included the dsw. Added.
	- TinyXmlText had a protected Print. Odd.
	- Made LinkEndChild public, with docs and appropriate warnings.
	- Updated the docs.

- Fixed an uninitialized pointer in the TiXmlAttributes
- Fixed STL compilation problem in MinGW (and gcc 3?) - thanks Brian Yoder for finding this one
- Fixed a syntax error in TiXmlDeclaration - thanks Brian Yoder
- Fletcher Dunn proposed and submitted new error handling that tracked the row and column. Lee
  modified it to not have performance impact.
- General cleanup suggestions from Fletcher Dunn.
- In error handling, general errors will no longer clear the error state of specific ones.
- Fix error in documentation : comments starting with "<?--" instead of "<!--" (thanks ion_pulse)
- Added the TiXmlHandle. An easy, safe way to browse XML DOMs with less code.
- Added QueryAttribute calls which have better error messaging. (Proposed by Fletcher Dunn)
- Nodes and attributes can now print themselves to strings. (Yves suggestion)
- Fixed bug where entities with one character would confuse parser. (Thanks Roman)

- Additional testing (no more bugs found to be fixed in this release)
- Significant performance improvement to the cursor code.

- User Data are now defined in TiXmlBase instead of TiXmlNode
- Character Entities are now UCS-2
- Character Entities can be decimal or hexadecimal
- UTF-8 conversion.
- Fixed many, many bugs.

- Fixed bug in handling nulls embedded in the input.
- Make UTF-8 parser tolerant of bad text encoding.
- Added encoding detection. 
- Many fixes and input from John-Philip Leonard Johansson (JP) and Ellers, 
  including UTF-8 feedback, bug reports, and patches. Thanks!
- Added version # constants - a suggestion from JP and Ellers.
- [ 979180 ] Missing ; in entity reference, fix from Rob Laveaux.
- Copy constructors and assignment have been a long time coming. Thanks to
  Fokke and JP.

- Made the IsAlpha and IsAlphaNum much more tolerant of non-UTF-8 encodings. Thanks
  Volker Boerchers for finding the issue.
- Ran the program though the magnificent Valgrind - http://valgrind.kde.org - to check
  for memory errors. Fixed some minor issues.

- Fixed crash when test program was run from incorrect directory.
- Fixed bug 1070717 - empty document not returned correctly - thanks Katsuhisa Yuasa.
- Bug 1079301 resolved - deprecated stdlib calls. Thanks Adrian Boeing.
- Bug 1035218 fixed - documentation errors. Xunji Luo
- Other bug fixes have accumulated and been fixed on the way as well; my apologies to
  authors not credited!
- Big fix / addition is to correctly return const values. TinyXml could basically
  remove const in a method like this: TiXmlElement* Foo() const, where the returned element
  was a pointer to internal data. That is now: const TiXmlElement* Foo() const and
  TiXmlElement* Foo().

- Fixed additional const errors, thanks Kent Gibson.
- Correctly re-enable warnings after tinyxml header. Thanks Cory Nelson.
- Variety of type cleanup and warning fixes. Thanks Warren Stevens.
- Cleaned up unneeded constructor calls in TinyString - thanks to Geoff Carlton and
  the discussion group on sourceforge.

- Improved string class, thanks Tyge Lovset (whose name gets mangled in English - sorry)
- Type cast compiler warning, thanks Rob van den Bogaard
- Added GetText() convenience function. Thanks Ilya Parniuk & Andrew Ellers for input.
- Many thanks to marlonism for finding an infinite loop in bad xml.
- A patch to cleanup warnings from Robert Gebis.
- Added ValueStr() to get the value of a node as a string.
- TiXmlText can now parse and output as CDATA
- Additional string improvement from James (z2895)
- Removed extraneous 'const', thanks David Aldrich
- First pass at switching to the "safe" stdlib functions. Many people have suggested and
  pushed on this, but Warren Stevens put together the first proposal.
- TinyXml now will do EOL normalization before parsing, consistent with the W3C XML spec.
- Documents loaded with the UTF-8 BOM will now save with the UTF-8 BOM. Good suggestion 
  from 'instructor_'
- Ellers submitted his very popular tutorials, which have been added to the distribution.

- Fixed CDATA output formatting
- Fixed memory allocators in TinyString to work with overloaded new/delete

- solosnake pointed out that TIXML_LOG causes problems on an XBOX. The definition in the header
  was superflous and was moved inside of DEBUG_PARSING

- Fixed a test bug that caused a crash in 'xmltest'. TinyXML was fine, but it isn't good
  to ship with a broken test suite.
- Started converting some functions to not cast between std::string and const char* 
  quite as often.
- Added FILE* versions of the document loads - good suggestion from Wade Brainerd
- Empty documents might not always return the errors they should. [1398915] Thanks to igor v.
- Added some asserts for multiply adding a node, regardng bug [1391937] suggested by Paco Arjonilla.

- Bug find thanks to andre-gross found a memory leak that occured when a document failed to load.
- Bug find (and good analysis) by VirtualJim who found a case where attribute parsing 
  should be throwing an error and wasn't.
- Steve Hyatt suggested the QueryValueAttribute method, which is now implemented.
- DavidA identified a chunk of dead code.
- Andrew Baxter sent in some compiler warnings that were good clean up points.

- Added the Visit() API. Many thanks to both Andrew Ellerton and John-Philip for all their
  work, code, suggestion, and just general pushing that it should be done.
- Removed existing streaming code and use TiXmlPrinter instead.
- [ tinyxml-Bugs-1527079 ] Compile error in tinystr.cpp fixed, thanks to Paul Suggs
- [ tinyxml-Bugs-1522890 ] SaveFile has no error checks fixed, thanks to Ivan Dobrokotov
- Ivan Dobrokotov also reported redundant memory allocation in the Attribute() method, which
  upon investigation was a mess. The attribute should now be fixed for both const char* and 
  std::string, and the return types match the input parameters.
- Feature [ 1511105 ] Make TiXmlComment constructor accept a string / char*, implemented.
  Thanks to Karl Itschen for the feedback.
- [ 1480108 ] Stream parsing fails when CDATA contains tags was found by Tobias Grimm, who also
  submitted a test case and patch. A significant bug in CDATA streaming (operator>>) has now
  been fixed.

- Lieven, and others, pointed out a missing const-cast that upset the Open Watcom compiler.
  Should now be fixed.
- ErrorRow and ErrorCol should have been const, and weren't. Fixed thanks to Dmitry Polutov.

- zloe_zlo identified a missing string specialization for QueryValueAttribute() [ 1695429 ]. Worked
  on this bug, but not sure how to fix it in a safe, cross-compiler way.
- increased warning level to 4 and turned on detect 64 bit portability issues for VC2005.
  May address [ 1677737 ] VS2005: /Wp64 warnings
- grosheck identified several problems with the Document copy. Many thanks for [ 1660367 ]
- Nice catch, and suggested fix, be Gilad Novik on the Printer dropping entities.
  "[ 1600650 ] Bug when printing xml text" is now fixed.
- A subtle fix from Nicos Gollan in the tinystring initializer: 
  [ 1581449 ] Fix initialiser of TiXmlString::nullrep_
- Great catch, although there isn't a submitter for the bug. [ 1475201 ] TinyXML parses entities in comments. 
  Comments should not, in fact, parse entities. Fixed the code path and added tests.
- We were not catching all the returns from ftell. Thanks to Bernard for catching that.
- A TiXMLDocument can't be a sub-node. Block this from happening in the 'replace'. Thanks Noam.
- [ 1714831 ] TiXmlBase::location is not copied by copy-ctors, fix reported and suggested by Nicola Civran.
- Fixed possible memory overrun in the comment reading code - thanks gcarlton77

- Alex van der Wal spotted incorrect types (lf) being used in print and scan. robertnestor pointed out some problems with the simple solution. Types updated.
- Johannes Hillert pointed out some bug typos.
- Christian Mueller identified inconsistent error handling with Attributes.
- olivier barthelemy also reported a problem with double truncation, also related to the %lf issue.
- zaelsius came up with a great (and simple) suggestion to fix QueryValueAttribute truncating strings.
- added some null pointer checks suggested by hansenk
- Sami V�is�nen found a (rare) buffer overrun that could occur in parsing.
- vi tri filed a bug that led to a refactoring of the attribute setting mess (as well as adding a missing SetDoubleAttribute() )
- removed TIXML_ERROR_OUT_OF_MEMORY. TinyXML does not systematically address OOO, and the notion it does is misleading.
- vanneto, keithmarshall, others all reported the warning from IsWhiteSpace() usage. Cleaned this up - many thanks to everyone who reported this one.
- tibur found a bug in end tag parsing