gltut / Tut 17 Spotlight on Textures / data / cubeLight.vert

#version 330

layout(std140) uniform;

layout(location = 0) in vec3 position;
layout(location = 2) in vec3 normal;
layout(location = 5) in vec2 texCoord;

out vec2 colorCoord;
out vec3 cameraSpacePosition;
out vec3 cameraSpaceNormal;
out vec3 lightSpacePosition;

uniform Projection
	mat4 cameraToClipMatrix;

uniform mat4 modelToCameraMatrix;
uniform mat3 normalModelToCameraMatrix;
uniform mat4 cameraToLightProjMatrix;

void main()
	cameraSpacePosition = (modelToCameraMatrix * vec4(position, 1.0)).xyz;
	gl_Position = cameraToClipMatrix * vec4(cameraSpacePosition, 1.0);
	cameraSpaceNormal = normalize(normalModelToCameraMatrix * normal);
	lightSpacePosition = (cameraToLightProjMatrix * vec4(cameraSpacePosition, 1.0)).xyz;

	colorCoord = texCoord;
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