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gltut / freeglut-2.6.0 / NEWS

Jan 16th 2000:

  First really functional release of freeglut.

Jan 13th 2001:

  Steve Baker takes over as maintainer of freeglut.

Jun ??th 2003:

  freeglut 1.4 released.

September 29, 2003:

  freeglut 2.0.0 released.


Mar ??, 2009:

  freeglut 2.6.0 released. Changes compared to 2.4.0:

    * Tons of bug fixes

    * Added deprecated, but working Joystick API.

    * Added new constant GLUT_INIT_STATE for glutGet() to check if freeglut is
      already initialized.

    * Added new API entry for full-screen mode

        void glutFullScreenToggle( void );

      with a related new constant GLUT_FULL_SCREEN for glutGet().

    * Added new API entry to de-initialize freeglut:

        void glutExit( void );

    * Added more special keys: GLUT_KEY_NUM_LOCK, GLUT_KEY_BEGIN GLUT_KEY_DELETE

    * Added support for windows without captions and/or borders via two new
      constants GLUT_CAPTIONLESS and GLUT_BORDERLESS for glutInitDisplayMode
      (currently works for Windows only).

    * Added support for multisampling: The number of samples per pixel to use
      when GLUT_MULTISAMPLE is specified in glutInitDisplayMode() can be set via
      glutSetOption() with parameter GLUT_MULTISAMPLE now. glutGet() with the
      same token retrieves that value. The possible number of samples per pixels
      can be queried via the new API entry

        int *glutGetModeValues( GLenum mode, int *size );

      with mode GLUT_MULTISAMPLE. (glutGetModeValues() currently only works for

    * Added new constant GLUT_AUX for glutSetOption() to set the number of
      auxiliary buffers. The possible number of auxiliary buffers can be
      queried via glutGetModeValues with mode GLUT_AUX.

    * Added support for versioned (i.e. 3.0) OpenGL contexts: New API entries

        void glutInitContextVersion( int majorVersion, int minorVersion );
        void glutInitContextFlags( int flags );

      with related new constants GLUT_DEBUG and GLUT_FORWARD_COMPATIBLE for
      the latter API entry. Added new constants GLUT_INIT_MAJOR_VERSION,