Unofficial OpenGL SDK / glload / codegen / data / coreExtList.lua

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--[[ This function returns a table of core extensions and the versions they were made core in.

The table is indexed by extension name. Each entry contains:

* name: The name of the extension. For redundancy.
* version: The version number (as a string) that it was made core in.

This list must be manually updated, as there is no equivalent in the spec files. Just add
to the list. When a new version comes out with new core extensions, add a new list and
add the local variable name to the master table as shown below.

local coreExts3_0 = {

local coreExts3_1 = {

local coreExts3_2 = {

local coreExts3_3 = {

local coreExts4_0 = {

local coreExts4_1 = {

local coreExts4_2 = {

local coreExts4_3 = {

local masterTable = {
	["3.0"] = coreExts3_0,
	["3.1"] = coreExts3_1,
	["3.2"] = coreExts3_2,
	["3.3"] = coreExts3_3,
	["4.0"] = coreExts4_0,
	["4.1"] = coreExts4_1,
	["4.2"] = coreExts4_2,
	["4.3"] = coreExts4_3,

--Build the actual table.
local ret = {};
for coreVersion, coreExtList in pairs(masterTable) do
	for i, coreExt in pairs(coreExtList) do
		ret[coreExt] = {name = coreExt, version = coreVersion};

return ret;