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An application that allows management of data using radio equipment VHF / UHF

Radio-Data Explained

An application that allows management of data using radio equipment VHF / UHF. The particular feature of this application expands the potential of business communications and emergency to carry data for any interest.


Originally this module was developed as a basis for reverse engineering process of Tadiran military radio equipment, because the application of intelligence which seeks to embed it Tadiran driver is in windows, the development had to be done for that OS . This is the result of reverse engineering work.


Despite its alpha stage, the application can seamlessly send and receive messages using radio equipment Tadiran 9000 (military radios) HFSK configuring modems, but is perfectly adjustable to any radio equipment that handles IOCTL control signals.

Much simpler is to add support for commercial modems that follow different protocols, but in the background are similar to HAYES.

OS Support

I hate this, but initial support is for Windows, but port to Linux is not complex.


  • Python 2.5 - 2.7
  • Pyserial
  • Win32Extensions


Use the provided cables and connect to the serial port or any usb to serial adapter. Run radio-data, select if you wish emiter (if not, by default, receiver)

What's missing?

No protocol implemented, just use what you want, specially with HF transmission where the error rate is too high.