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fix issue33: index.txt now correctly states MIT instead of GPL.

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+- fix issue33: index.txt to correctly mention MIT instead of GPL.

File doc/index.txt

 The 1.1 series will target setting up permanent networks and offering unix-shell-like capabilities to spawn processes and applications.
 execnet was conceived and is `actively developed`_ by `Holger Krekel`_.
-The package is licensed under the GPL Version 2 or later, at your choice.
-Armin Rigo and Benjamin Peterson have done major contributions which
-are MIT-licensed.
+The package is licensed under the MIT license since version 1.2.
 .. _`basic API`: basics.html
 .. _`actively developed`:

File execnet/

         if versioned:
             ver =
             if ver != DUMPFORMAT_VERSION:
-                raise LoadError("wrong dumpformat version")
+                raise LoadError("wrong dumpformat version %r" % ver)
         self.stack = []
             while True: