RBHTTPAuthBackend implements a reviewboard legacy backend to be used with reviewboard - if you have protected your installation with basic http authentication. It allows your users to authenticate with reviewboard using the same credentials as the http authentication they use to access the reviewboard site.


  1. Install RBHTTPAuthBackend:

    # using pip
    sudo pip install RBHTTPAuthBackend
    # using easy_install
    sudo easy_install RBHTTPAuthBackend
    # from source
    git clone && cd rbhttpauthbackend && sudo python build install
  2. Restart your web server running review board

  3. Login in to review board as administrator
    1. Go to Admin panel
    2. Settings > Authentication
    3. In the 'Authentication method' drop down, select 'Legacy Authentication Module'
    4. Enter 'RBHTTPAuthBackend.RBHTTPAuthBackend' in the 'Backends' edit box.
    5. Click on 'Save'