#  Welcome to ProSIM #

ProSIM is a web application designed and implemented in [Ruby on Rails](http://rubyonrails.org/) to work as a communication and collaboration layer between simulation experts and design & planning teams within construction insudtry. 

The main functions provided by ProSIM are:

* Share construction project data and keep them up-to-date: BIM models, project schedules, construction process templates, productivity factors can be updated at any time to reflect the actual state of the available information.

* Import and view the simulation inputs of various data models and  [Multi-Model](http://mefisto-bau.de/overview/models.html) Container containers directly inside the web browser using a [Multi-Model Navigator](http://bci52.cib.bau.tu-dresden.de:3000/multi_model_containers)

* View and evaluate simulation results through online viewers and display them inside the web browser or download them using standard formats

* Manage construction [Reference Process Models](http://bci52.cib.bau.tu-dresden.de:3000/rpms) (RPM).

* Manage [productivity factors](http://bci52.cib.bau.tu-dresden.de:3000/aws), [definition of resource requirements](http://bci52.cib.bau.tu-dresden.de:3000/lv_items), and task duration of construction activities.

* Add, edit and run simulation experiments remotely.

ProSIM makes simulation models created by Construction Simulation Toolkit (CST) and their inputs and results available from anywhere and responsive to any data change. 

The visibility of all input data and simulation parameters helps to identify errors and leads at the end to a better understanding among the planning and simulation teams and offers a high level of transparency and trust. 

ProSIM is developed in TU Dresden - [Institute of Construction Informatics ](http://tu-dresden.de/die_tu_dresden/fakultaeten/fakultaet_bauingenieurwesen/cib) within the leading research project [Mefisto](http://mefisto-bau.de/)

Contact person: ali.ismail@tu-dresden.de