Compiler failures when checking framework targets

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Issue #38 resolved
mcdonaldryan NA created an issue

When a CocoaTouch Framework Target is added to the project FauxPas encounters errors when checking code:

ERROR: FATAL: Unrecoverable compiler error: translation unit is NULL: /Users/ryanmcdonald/Documents/Development/iOS/MyDemoApp/MyDemoApp/main.m

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  1. Ali Rantakari repo owner

    Thanks for reporting this.

    • What version of Xcode are you using?
    • On what version of OS X?
    • What (iOS/OS X) SDK is your project using?

    Please try clearing the project caches in Faux Pas (via the Project > Clear Project Caches menu item), and let me know if that helps.

  2. Ali Rantakari repo owner

    I cannot reproduce this and haven't received any further information. If you would like this reopened, please post a comment.

  3. Tai Heng


    I'm running into this issue now with a dynamic framework target. I've created a clean project with a single source file which will build and run on its own. This repo has the Faux Pas config that I used which fails for me on my machine.

    • Xcode: Version 6.4 (6E35b)
    • OSX: 10.10.5 (14F27)
    • iOS: 8.4 (latest)
    • Faux Pas: V 1.5
  4. Jack Flintermann

    I'm actually running into this issue as well, when attempting to build a cocoa touch framework target. The project I'm working on is actually open-source, so you can attempt to reproduce it if you like: (to see the error, attempt to use FauxPas on the "StripeiOS" target).

  5. Ronak Patel


    This is still happening with XCode 7. Is there any reason why this won't be fixed? If not, it really diminshes the value of this tool. I am on Faux Pas 1.6.


  6. Evgeny Karkan

    Same issue is actual for me too. In my case - I'm working on cross-platform app - Mac/iOS, I have a complex workspace with 8 targets (2 - framework targets, 2 - framework unit tests, 2 - apps, 2 - unit tests for apps).

    When I try to check my Mac.framework target with FauxPas tool - I've got an error message - "ERROR: Initialization: Error parsing precompiled header # 1: Translation unit is NULL."

    Xcode v7.0.1, FauxPass v1.6, El Capitan. Hope this info will be useful to fix the issue.

  7. Ali Rantakari repo owner
    • changed status to open

    Thanks for reporting this. I am guessing that this has to do with the version of Clang Faux Pas 1.6 is using (OSS 3.7-release) but I will try my best to find a workaround until Apple releases the sources for the "Xcode 7" version of Clang.

  8. Ali Rantakari repo owner

    Okay, here is a potential workaround:

    Add the value DEFINES_MODULE=NO to the “Additional xcodebuild arguments to use” (--extraXcodebuildArgs) option.

    This seems to work around this issue for the Stripe project (ping @jflinter) — @evgenykarkan and @ronak2121 please let me know if this works for you, too.

  9. Evgeny Karkan

    Hello @ali_rantakari, thanks for the quick reply on this.

    Just tried your work around solution, and it works, so I am glad ;)

  10. mildm8nnered

    I'm seeing this exact same problem. DEFINES_MODULES=NO fixes the immediate problem, but also affects various CocoaPods in my workspace, and so my build simply breaks later on.

    Am trying to see if I can work around this somehow, but is there any news on a more permanent fix @ali_rantakari?

  11. mildm8nnered

    Looks like I can get things to work by setting DEFINES_MODULE=NO for my main target, which luckily, is ok in my case.

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