False positive for Missing image resolution variant

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John Topley
created an issue

I believe I'm getting false positives for the "Missing image resolution variant" rule. Faux Pas is telling me that I am missing various 1x images. My iOS Xcode project is targetting iOS 7 and above which does not run on non-Retina display devices. Therefore I don't believe this rule should be triggered in these circumstances.

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  1. Ali Rantakari repo owner

    Thank you for reporting this. Faux Pas currently does not attempt to determine whether there are any existing non-retina iOS devices that would be capable of running the app produced by the checked Xcode project target. I do however recognize that this is a valid concern in general, and will figure out what would be a good way to suppress irrelevant warnings like this.

    As a side note, the first iPad mini has a non-retina display and is capable of running iOS 7 and 8.

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