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 Start date: 2012-04-28
-It is far from finished. Goal is to have a working release by end of 2012.
+This Django project allows a group of users to book and schedule a number of hosts/computers.
+At my old employer we had a big number of different computer systems. Each had different
+features such as different CPUs, RAM size and the like. Often developers had to test
+their code on certain systems. So, they would go to the person who owns that particular
+host. This Web-app is doing just that and dealing with notifications, looks if the host
+is reachable via the network ...
+As it is now the code is not much helpful for anyone. However, if you have to develop
+something similar it may help. It is time zone aware, uses Celery and Twitter Bootstrap.
+It is far from finished. Goal is to have a general working version out by the end of 2012.
 Licence: MIT