Author: Frank Becker <>

Start date: 2010-02-05

While preparing and recording a radio show / podcast called Pentaradio [0] we
collect news items we talk about in the beginning of each show.

It has turned out to be very time consuming to sort and select the news items.
Especially live on the show a sorted list of items with a summary would be
very helpful. Maybe it could be called a light version of an outliner w/
social interaction.

So, this little Django based Web app is an attempt to make things easier.
Find it live under

Features planned:
* Submission of Text, URLs, ... via Web
* Auto generated screen shot of the page, if URL given to better recall
  the page during the show
* Support for categories (e.g. software patent of the month)
* Sorting of entries
* Grouping of entries
* Tagging
* Rating of entries (e. g. importance)
* Threaded entries (e. g. if a story develops and more entries
  depend on each other)
* provide a RESTful API using Django-Piston
* Interface with other services (e. g. read twitter messages, e-mail)
* ...

Licence: MIT


* Add more forms to let end users put in more data
* Integrate Pentacast stuff
* Digg style pagination
* Twitter support (read the feed and extract urls)
* Jabber-Bot (submit via an jabber-bot)
* Employ some jQuery UI blinky stuff
* Tests, Tests, Tests 
* Search over all
* View per NewsCategory
* View per Show
* Feedback form for Shows