Frank Becker  committed 0f52b6a

Removed Debian part of Installer, now it's only pip based

- Removed all the Debian distribution related installer stuff
That really doesn't belong here. pip will only install Python
packages if they are not installed already.

- It's still checked if there is a virtualenv enabled.

- The installer still requires a lot of care, rabbit-mq has to
be installed by hand/distribution...

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File src/pentasubmitter/installer/

 # Frank Becker <>
 echo "Installing the Pentasubmitter environment...\n"
-echo "Checking for pentasubmitter_requirements.txt file."
+echo "Checking for ${REQUIREMENTS_FILE} file."
 if [ ! -r "$REQUIREMENTS_FILE" ]; then
     echo "Could not find pentasubmitter_requirements.txt. \
         Please drop it into this directory and try again."
 echo "OK.\n"
 echo "Looking for pip."
-if [ "x" = "x`which pip`" ]; then
-    echo "No pip found. If your distri has a recent pip --version > 0.6.0 "
-    echo 'install it. Otherwise do "easy_install pip".'
-    echo "Please try again when done.\n"
-    exit 1
 if [ -x `which pip` ]; then
     echo "OK\n"
     exit 1
-# Let's start
-echo "Checking for Python packages installed by distribution."
-PYTHON_PACKAGES="python-markdown:Markdown python-django:Django python-imaging:PIL \
-    python-beautifulsoup:BeautifulSoup python-openid:python-openid"
-    DEB_PACKAGE=`echo "$PACKAGE" |sed 's/:.*$//'`
-    PYTHON_PACKAGE=`echo "$PACKAGE" |sed 's/^.*://'`
-    if dpkg -l | grep $DEB_PACKAGE > /dev/null; then
-        echo "Found $DEB_PACKAGE"
-    else
-        echo "Installing $PYTHON_PACKAGE"
-        #pip install -E $VIRTUAL_ENV $PYTHON_PACKAGE
-        pip install -E $VIRTUAL_ENV $PYTHON_PACKAGE
-    fi
+echo "Installing ${REQUIREMENTS_FILE} dependencies..."
+echo "Watch out for failures! Especially PIL may require some source dependencies."
 # Finally hand over the magic to pip
 pip install -r $REQUIREMENTS_FILE
-echo "Yeah. Done."
+if [ $? != '0' ]; then
+    echo "Somewhere pip did fail. Please check yourself."
+    echo "pip -r ${REQUIREMENTS_FILE} successful."
+echo "Done."
+echo "Note, you need to have rabbit-mq running. Please install it."
 echo "Now get into the src/pentasubmitter/ directory to run"
 echo "\tpython syncdb"

File src/pentasubmitter/installer/requirements.txt

 # !
 -e svn+
--e git://