pentasubmitter / src / submitter / tests /

unittests for submitter application, views

import sys
import unittest
import datetime
from markdown import markdown
from django.test import Client, TestCase
from django.contrib.auth.models import User
from django.db import IntegrityError
from submitter import admin, models, views
from pentasubmitter import settings, template
from show.models import PentaShow, ShowType

class ViewTests(TestCase):
    """Test view functions from content.views"""

    def setUp(self):
        self.client = Client()
        self.user = User(username="pentasubmitter")

    def test_page_index(self):
        """GET the index view
        taken from:
        # The data is ignored, but let's check it doesn't crash the system
        # anyway.
        data = {'var': u'\xf2'}
        response = self.client.get('/submit/', data)

        # Check some response details
        self.assertEqual(response.status_code, 302)
        response = self.client.get('/account/signin/')
        self.assertEqual(response.status_code, 200)
            self.client.login(username="pentasubmitter", password="pssst")
        response = self.client.get('/submit/', data)
        #self.assertEqual(response.status_code, 200)
        #    response,
        #    'c3d2',
        #                 'submitter/newsentry_archive.html'),
        #self.assertEqual(response.template[1].name, 'main.html')

# vim: ts=4 et sw=4 fileencoding=utf-8 :
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