pentasubmitter / INSTALL

Full commit
There is a shell script to install all the dependencies (aka Django applications)
for you. It uses virtualenv []. Yes you will
need that. Further you have to have your virtualenv activated. I suggest to use
virtualenvwrapper [] in addition.
Further, so far the installer only works on Debian like distributions[0]. And, it
needs a version of pip [] > 0.6.0.

Before you start to run the installer please look through the script

Here's what you got to do.

# 1)
cd src/pentasubmitter/installer
# 2)
# 3)
Enjoy the show and look out for errors.
# 4) Initialise the SQLlite DB (That's already Django)
cd ..
python syncdb
python migrate
# 5) Install rabbit-mq and run it.
# 6) Start the Django devel server
python runserver
# 7) For Pentasubmitter to work you have to:
# 7.1) Assing a user as a Submitter
## http://localhost:8000/admin/submitter/submitter/add/
# 7.2) Add a Pentaradio show where the Air Date is > the date you use it.
# (Pentasubmitter is looking automatically for the next show. If not found it
# raises a 404.)
## http://localhost:8000/admin/show/pentashow/add/


This is here vor reference only.

* Django 1.3 (
* django-registration (
  nice to have for debugging django-debug-toolbar (
* django-tagging (
* CutyCapt, might be replaced by
#* django-ratings (, dumped for django-voting
* django-voting (
* django-uni-form (
* wadofstuff DjangoFullSerializers (
* django-pagination (
* django-avatar (note little url-fix, issue 11)
* django-threadedcomments
* django-authopenid (note, misleading docu for config in
* django-tastypie
* south

* python-dev (required for pil)
* libjpeg-dev (required for pil)

The fixtures will help but are not mandatory. There will be two users
* a8 (password a8)
* ps (password ps)
Note, register own users here:

BTW, to load 'em:
    python /usr/bin/django-admin loaddata fixtures/test_data.json

[0] In Ubuntu 10.04 the virtualenv is broken (see
    pip also is just outdated. Install a newer version in your virtualenv

    Debian unstable has still python 2.5 which is OK. However they have
    a recent version of python-pip, python-virtualenv, and virtualenvwrapper.