pentasubmitter / .idea / inspectionProfiles / Project_Default.xml

<component name="InspectionProjectProfileManager">
  <profile version="1.0" is_locked="false">
    <option name="myName" value="Project Default" />
    <option name="myLocal" value="false" />
    <inspection_tool class="CheckDtdRefs" enabled="false" level="ERROR" enabled_by_default="false" />
    <inspection_tool class="CheckTagEmptyBody" enabled="false" level="WARNING" enabled_by_default="false" />
    <inspection_tool class="CheckXmlFileWithXercesValidator" enabled="false" level="ERROR" enabled_by_default="false" />
    <inspection_tool class="LossyEncoding" enabled="true" level="WARNING" enabled_by_default="true" />
    <inspection_tool class="XmlDuplicatedId" enabled="false" level="ERROR" enabled_by_default="false" />
    <inspection_tool class="XmlUnboundNsPrefix" enabled="false" level="WARNING" enabled_by_default="false" />
    <inspection_tool class="XmlUnusedNamespaceDeclaration" enabled="false" level="WARNING" enabled_by_default="false" />
    <inspection_tool class="XmlWrongRootElement" enabled="false" level="ERROR" enabled_by_default="false" />
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