Frank Becker  committed e1db6fb

removed cmd option for scss to css compile

If there is a .scss file it should be converted automatically.
Thus, removed the option. The import scss is only triggered
if there is a .scss file found. Better than making pyscss a
general requirenment.

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         if not attr.startswith("_"):
             macros[attr] = getattr(macmod, attr)
-    # pyScss generation
-    if opts.scss_to_css:
-        try:
-            import scss
-        except ImportError:
-            print("In order to use scss you need to have pyscss installed!")
-            sys.exit(1)
     # -------------------------------------------------------------------------
     # process input files
     # -------------------------------------------------------------------------
                 page = Page(page_global, opj(cwd, f), dir_in, opts)
             elif, f):
+                import scss
                 scss_file = open(os.sep.join([cwd, f]), 'rt')
                 css_file = open(os.sep.join(
                     [dir_out, cwd_site, re.split(SCSS_PATT, f)[0]]) + '.css',
                   help="encoding of output pages (default: utf-8)")
     og.add_option("", "--filename-enc", default="utf-8", metavar="ENC",
                   help="encoding of file names (default: utf-8)")
-    og.add_option("", "--scss-to-css", action="store_true", default=False,
-                  help="generate css from scss files while building a project")
     og = optparse.OptionGroup(op, "Serve options")