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Same as 12800 according to tests in M mode.

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  1. coutts

    any more details? what build version are you using?

    try taking 2 pictures, one at 12800 and one at 25600, and compare the histograms to see if any change actually took place in the exposure.

    i'm not sure if the camera's going to write the custom shutterspeeds / ISOs to the exif data. it might be in the maker tag, that's how it was back in the chdk days for me.

  2. Anonymous

    25600 ISO does not work on my 500d with PreAlpha 1.12. It is the same as a 1 eV under exposed 12800 ISO picture. I hope it will work in the future.

  3. coutts

    You guys are right - it doesn't seem to be working.

    The camera reports that ISO25600 is being used but there's only a minor change in the histogram between 12800 and 25600, and I can't see any difference in the picture with my eye.

    This is gonna need looking at.

  4. Anonymous

    The ISO 25600 does not vork properly. It's selectable in the meny, but the camera uses ISO 12800. It writes 25600 in the exif though. Another thing to mention is that the battery bets really hot. I can actually feel the heat through the camera body. This IS with original battery. Anyway, I think it's grat that some of you still works on the 500d. Really appreciate it!!

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