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Alin Simionoiu
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The audio meters don't seems to move at all. most likely one or more of the stubs values for audio is off

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  1. Alin Simionoiu reporter
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    this one got me stumped at the moment. until proven otherwise i'm gonna assume the problem here is the fact that we don't have the address for audio_thresholds.

    lately i've been spending a little bit more time with IDA Pro where i did match some of the audio addresses that we are using, only they where under a slightly different names.

    i can't find the audio_thresholds in the firmware. i'm hoping is just under a totally different name in 500d.

  2. Anonymous

    i do not know anything about that arm programming stuff. But wouldnt it be possible to film with a cap on the objective and look what memory adresses are changing values?

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