Improve command help screen in boot mode

Issue #9 resolved
Tyler Olsen
created an issue

When a player starts the game for the very first time, after the opening animation a help screen appears that tells the player what the controls are. This is too easy to accidentally dismiss before the user has a chance to learn the controls to start a new game. We also need to make it incredibly simple for this help screen to display when in boot mode. There are two requirements to this task:

  1. The help screen should only be able to be dismissed by the user pressing the "F1" key on the keyboard (the same key will also be used in the game to bring it back up)
  2. If the user presses any key on the keyboard that is not mapped to a command ("Z", "4", and so on), then this should cause the help screen to display

The second requirement may entail some small enhancements to the input engine (src/engine/input). Otherwise all changes should be able to be made within src/modes/boot/boot.*

Comments (7)

  1. Usey

    Should pressing F1 bring up the help anytime during the game or just during the boot?
    And the same question for the other keys?

  2. Tyler Olsen reporter

    F1 - should always bring up or dismiss the help menu.
    Unbound command keys - should only bring up the help menu (not dismiss) if pressed while in boot mode

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