Implementation of new battle fatigue feature; removed skill cool-down period feature

#15 Merged
  1. Tyler Olsen
  • Completed backend work to support new battle fatigue feature: fatigue and stamina attributes added to actors, as well as a new current max HP stat

  • Added bindings for new stat functions added on GlobalActor; Fixed some fatigue-related bugs in global code; Fatigue is now produced in battle mode when receiving damage; HP bar in battle mode now shows a dark green area between current HP and current max HP (and is black between current max HP and max HP)

  • Completely removed the cool-down time from battle actions. Warm-up time remains

  • Small changes to menu mode to show HP fatigue and stamina -- temporary until a modification of the UI has been decided upon

  • Added current max HP indicator to character health bar in battle mode (changes based on amount of fatigue)

  • Added new actor attribute: resilience; Added new SP fatigue feature; Updated battle and menu mode UIs to display fatigue and resilience stats; Updated battle code to automaticaly regenerate 10% SP per turn for each character; Updated battle code to restore HP and SP to full for characters upon exiting the battle; Made stamina and resilience an optional stat for enemy data definitions; Several other bug fixes, tweaks, and improved naming schenes for HP fatigue

  • Fixed a bug where enemies were seemingly not taking any actions after their first in battle

Comments (1)

  1. Tyler Olsen author

    Merging this now, but if anyone would like to take a look at my changes and make sure I don't have any copy/paste errors like using HitPointFatigue when I should be using SkillPointFatigue, or mixing up stamina and resilience, that would be great. As you can see this is quite a large number of changes and I only did a moderate amount of testing, so there may be bugs introduced here that we'll need to find and squash.