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CIUnit Foostack
    Originally created   by: Clemens "rafsoaken" Gruenberger
    Modified and Updated by: Mario "Kuroir" Ricalde.

    - CIUnit was updated to work completely with CodeIgniter 1.7.2
    - CIUnit is completely separated from the CodeIgniter Core Files.
        > CIUnit has it's own modified core files and will load them only
          when needed (by using the console for instance).
        > CIUnit won't use the system index.php anymore, instead it'll use

          This is to prevent CIUnit/Foostack to cause any extra load on

          Folder structure:
              - libraries/fooStack/fooBase/index.php (Application and System Folder)
              - tests/settings.php (Optional: only edit if you want to move index.php)