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 Once you have checked out a copy of pynie, build it as follows:
   $ cd pynie
-  $ build
+  $ python build
 This will create a "pynie.pbc" parrot bytecode executable in the
 current directory.   Pynie doesn't currently have a "install"
 To invoke pynie on a Python program from a shell prompt, use:
-  $ parrot pynie.pbc
+  $ ./pynie
 To run interactively, entering single-line statements:
-  $ parrot pynie.pbc
+  $ ./pynie
 Note that pynie's interactive mode is not yet up to spec
 with Python's interactive mode (it doesn't handle blocks yet).
 To run pynie's test suite:
-  $ test
+  $ python test
 To display the parse tree, add the "--target=parse" option:
-  $ parrot pynie.pbc --target=parse
+  $ ./pynie --target=parse
 Or, to display the abstract syntax tree, the opcode syntax tree,
 or the generated PIR code, use "--target=PAST", "--target=POST",
 =head2 Files
-The "top" file for the parser is F<pynie.pir> which is used to
-create the F<pynie.pbc> file.  It initializes the overall
-parsing system and registers the parser as a Parrot "Pynie" compiler.
+The "top" file for the parser is F<pynie.pir> which is used to create
+the F<pynie.pbc> file and F<pynie> executable.  It initializes the
+overall parsing system and registers the parser as a Parrot "Pynie"
 The other files needed for the compiler are in the F<src/> subdirectory.
 and handed off to the next compilation phases (PAST->POST->PIR)
 The PIR files in F<src/builtins> are included as part of
-compiling F<pynie.pir> to produce F<pynie.pbc>.
+compiling F<pynie.pir> to produce F<pynie.pbc> and F<pynie>.
 The F<pynie.pbc> file can also be used to compile Python code
 from within PIR:
 Patches/bugs/suggestions can be sent to
-=head1 AUTHOR
-Patrick Michaud <> is the current author and
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